Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mit Romney can kiss my

Watching Meet the Press from Sunday (I podcast it), and Mit is pulling out the same old tired argument that in order for this countries legal and political system to work we must be a nation of morals.  Now that point I do agree with... but then in the same breath he says basically that this means religion.  Which is VERY wrong. 
He was confronted by Russert on this who asked, "Then can an Athiest not have Morals", Mit immediately backpeddaled... for all of 3 seconds, then continues with the Morals = religion line.  He again pulls out the tired argument that John Adams said this so we are a religios nation.  This is NOT the case.  The primary authors of our contitution were rationalists or Deists (Jefferson in particular, plus Franklin, and others).
I am an unapologetic Heathen, I follow Loki, Odin, Thor, Freyr, Freya, Heimdall, and the entire Norse pantheon.  My Moral code is based off the teachings of Odin layed out in the Havamal.  My personality is influenced by Loki.  I am NOT forgiven, nor do I feel I need forgiveness.  The consequenses of my actions cannot be washed away just by asking for forgiveness from the divine.  My morality requires that I work hard to prevent issues, and to attone and make right if I fail this course. 
Lastly, Mit says that Freedom is a gift from the divine.  Frankly, this is not right.  Freedom is a priviledge that we as a people EARN.  My buddy is serving in the military, he will physically protect us from people who would do us harm.  People, such as myself, who stand up for the rights of others also help us to earn and maintain our freedoms.  We all play a part, but to call this a simple gft of the divine... it's just too simplistic. 
The more I think about it the more I loathe what our political system has become.  Just simple bites and no real meat.  I do like the format that MTP is using, giving each candidate a full hour to just talk.  I'd recomend looking through the archives on iTunes and check out people you are uncertain about.  But as a whole..  We are broken as an elective system and I don't know what to do about it.
I have to appologize for the rambling meandering manner of this post.  'm just letting fly this morning.  Hope I didn't offend.  Thanks for reading.


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