Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Long time no post.  Having a grand time ou here in Seattle.  The project is being run correctly from the start, and my deliverables are... drumroll.... documenting the requirements!!!! holy snarf batman... a project wth requirements... crazy.  What's the world coming to?
Anyhow, had a meeting with accenture folk yesterday and one of them was showing off their new Zune. Here are my thoughts on that product.
I don't like it at all.  1) its very light... feels like a toy 2) screen resolution on videos is VERY 5G iPod.  My touch blows the doors off this thing in video playback.  3) the "scrollwheel" is behind the times and does not respond in intuitive ways... so not only is the interface a generation BEHIND Apple, but isn't as good as that prior generation. 4) settings are very non-intuitive.  I was trying to get a video to go widescreen as a demo... not under settings, not under video.  In the end I got it to do it... but I still don't know how.  On the iPog 5G, it's under settings / video (duh) and on the touch... well... just turn the damn thing on its side.  Kinda elegant. 5) OK, it's cool that it has an FM radio... but I listen to sportstalk and NPR... which are both on the AM spectrum.  Thanks for nothing.
So, sorry MS, I appreciate working with you and for you.  But your media player is a generation and a half behind.  Until you catch up... I'm sticking with my iPod.


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