Thursday, October 12, 2006

Been a couple of days...

Spent all day asleep on the sofa with some kind of alergic attack. Throat was swollen and my sinuses put in for overtime pay. Woke up for lunch and an errand to get ready for my flight tomorrow and that's it. Total sleep, about 18 hours.

Speaking of flight, I'll be heading to my Dad's in St. Louis this weekend. I'll be back Monday. Just getting out of town for a few days to clear my muddled mind. It should be fun.

My car still hasn't arrived. I'm hoping it will be today, but if it's tommorrow I may wait to pick it up till monday. Why have a brand new car sitting in an airport parking lot.

I'm dissapointed in a friend. Last night a close friend was supposed to call (not the lady in Washington), but she didn't. And when I called her she didn't answer or return my message. It's been forever since we've sat down and talked, and had made plans to catch up last night. I wouldn't be upset except this always seems to happen. Eventually it just starts to hurt. I loved her for a long time and still do as a very close friend. I know she's busy so I can easily forgive, but that doesn't mean the neglect doesn't hurt. I guess that's just the way it's going to be. I do miss her quite a bit.

It's a bad knee day today... I guess I slept funny.

I need to make an eye appointment... I think my prescription is a little off. C'est la vie.


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