Monday, October 02, 2006

Gleee, and Booooo

First, Gleee. My Media Center PC will be arriving today. When I get done with it it's gonna have 1.5GB of RAM and over 400GB of storage. I'm looking forward to getting it.

Second. Booo... The House of Representatives (mainly Bill Frist) has attached the Internet Gaming Prohibition act to PORT SECURITY. Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!?! First, this is the most bullshit bill anyhow, and Frist and his monkeys know it won't pass on it's own merits. The bill blocks online gambling with the exception of horse racing and state run lotteries. WHY??? That's point one of why this is bullshit. Point two, The House has clearly said this will apply to Poker, even though it has been testified to that poker is a game of skill! Point two of bullshitness. Lastly, and I've paraphrased this before, why is the government banning what I do in the comfort of my home? I understand that some people have gambling problems... some people have drinking problems too, but there is Guiness in my fridge. Point three of bullshitness.

For more infomation about the IGP see Card Squad here

It's situations like this that clearly show why I want the Dems to win Congressional majority in Nov. Not because I necessarily agree with all their doctorine (I'm VERY anti-gun control for example), but because when the government as a whole is busy kicking each other in the nuts, they AREN'T kicking me in the nuts! Fuckers.

PokerStars has already said that if this bill is signed into law, they will suspend all US accounts. I'm sure all other sites will follow suit. I am now a federal criminal becauase I have no intentions of stopping playing money poker. I already have a home game that I'm starting back up that's got a buy in and I will start looking for others. I need a shirt now that reads "Poker is not a crime!"


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