Monday, September 25, 2006

Several Points and Thoughts

1) My 2007 Prius will be arriving between Oct 11th and Oct 22nd. GLEEEE. The more I read about this thing the more I REALLY want to get my hands on it. I've ordered a fuly loaded touring edition (new to '07... little sleeker look due to the longer spoiler) with option package C.

2) My knee is slowly healing. Yesterday SUCKED. I went to a friends new child party on Sat and had a great time. It's such a great group of people that it's hard to not enjoy yourself. I love them all so much. However, I walked too much. I woke up Sunday with my knee already hurting. So I spent the day laying on the couch splitting evenly between painkillers and genmai tea (my new addiction). It feels better this morning, but I HAVE to stop overestimating my abbilities.

3) I had a thought as I woke up this morning. The thought that it's not possible to defend YOUR contitutional rights. You can only defend the rights the constitution. So when ANY persons rights are violated, all of our are. You can't violate the fourth amendment for one person. You either violate the fourth amendment or you don't. If you stand to defend the constitution, you do not have to be personally affected to do so.
* I'm not happy with the way the above is worded, but I think I get my point across.

4) One week without televisions in the house. I've already finished 2 magazines, put together a recipie book, and burned through 3/4 of a book on the modern authoritarian mindset ("Conservatives Without Conscience" by John W Dean.). I've eaten out ZERO times since I did this. I'm able to keep up on my podcasts and current events EASIER without the constant babble of TV. I'm really enjoying this.

5) I feel TERRIBLE and need to make up for my transgressions. I woke up this morning and looked around not able to find my kitties (which is odd 'cause they are VERY snuggly kitties). I went downstairs to get my ibuprofen and saw that the guest bedroom door was closed. I opened the door and two furry missiles come flying out mrrowwing the whole way. One went bolting to the litter box and the other to the water dish. I felt SO bad. I have to stop at petsmart on the way home and get them some catnip mice to make it up to them.


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