Sunday, October 01, 2006

Happy October

My friend and I spent a bit of time last night laying the groundwork for our annual halloween party / haunted house. We've got some fun things planned and worked out a few new effets for this year. I hope anyone who reads this will be able to attend.

Second, I have found a podcast that I adore. NPR has started podcasting a large number of it's programs. However, the one I like is a simple 5 minute rundown of the news of the day. They publish a 10am version and a 7pm version (eastern). The format is a matter of fact, this happened type presentation that is very no-nonsense. They just started it Friday the 29th and it's on iTunes, easy to find. The format lends to letting you know what is going on in the world with very minimal rhetoric or opinion. This allows you the listener to determine what bears more research and what you just don't care about without wasting our valuable time. Two thumbs up.


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