Thursday, September 28, 2006

Poker Report

I have not been able to play in any poker tournaments lately. I'm still a little swamped with work, but that DOES seem to be fading. This weekend is a little tough, but after that I should be able to play in the D & B tourney again. They are also firing up the Avanade poker tournament again. That will be Wensday. I'll post info about where on Full Tilt it will be in case anyone wants to watch / join in.

My knee is still healing most slowly. However, it no longer hurts to walk on it. (Unless I walk all night) so I've lost the cane. I still have to gingerly take stairs and I can't crouch down. My guess is that I'll be taking the ibuprofen for another 2 weeks. That's a little depressing as I'm trying to get into shape and I can't work out in the way I want. I want to work a heavy bag, lift weights, and I'll get a bike if it will help heal my knee.



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