Friday, August 18, 2006

So, just what does a Muslim look like?

I am hearing a lot of gum flapping from the neo-conservative portions of our political system about profiling being a good thing. I've heard from Bill O'Reily that we should be targeting Muslims and Arabs for extra scrutiny. Another radio host, Mike Gallagher, suggested Musilm-only lines.

Wow... I really don't know where to start. First, see my previous post about fear. This kind of selective attacks are just trying to make you afraid of people with a certain color of skin. Has a timeless quality to it doesn't it? Mrs. Parks, your seat is ready... it's in the back! Which is a ridiculous concept as Islam is a FAITH... not an ethnicity. A co-worker here is Muslim, he was born in France, is EXTREMELY white, and speaks French and English. He is very devout to the point that he politely gets up and prays 5 times to mecca and partakes in the same ritual manner of washing that I have seen in other Muslims.

So, Bill and Mike. How do you pick HIM out of a lineup as a "Muslim?" Huh? Idiots.

Secondly, to profile an entire faith is clearly religious persecution. Again, I will go back to a previous thought and ask, what would the reaction be if we made a "Jewish-only" line? Can you say massive protests.

Lastly, this sort of non-sense would only make us LESS "safe." When you focus your attention on one appearence, those who would do you harm would simply change the way they look. Does anyone think there aren't extremist white, black, yellow, red, green, or purple people? Extremism and Absolutism are thought patterns, not genetic. So I assume those of you who think targeting or profiling muslims can read minds? Neat trick, care to share?


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