Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's quiet... Too quiet

I'm going nuts. Work has stalled to a complete crawl. There are almost 30 changes that are being discussed, whether or not we are going to do certain items before go-live and how long it will take.

Because of this, we workers are stuck just kinda spinning until it's decided (should be mid next week) by the client and our executive staff. I've been studying some VERY dry material, (Windows Server 2003) and it's hard to stay awake for more than 2 hours or so without a break. Granted, that's good study habits, so I'm not too upset.

(ewww... just took a drink of cold coffee)

So I'm going to take off the next two days and do some additional work around the house. I've been systematically killing my back lawn off so I can have a landscaper re-do it next spring. I also want to finish the shift of my office into a workout room and finish fixing the trim in my house.

I've got so little going on at the moment that I don't know how to react. It's such a radical change from the last year that I am feeling a little scared. It'll pass, but that's pretty much how I operate. When things change in my life I get inwardly frightened.

So. hmmm... I don't really have anything serious to say at the moment. I'm bored with life. Oddly, I'm not lonely at all anymore. I'm just a little tired. I feel for a good friend of mine, as her mother just had a massive stroke. She's going to live, but there is a lot of recovery ahead. I can't imagne what that would be like. I need to call my mom tonight. Just let her know how much I love her. This MUST be what limbo feels like.


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