Thursday, June 07, 2007

Money money money...monay

Whelp, my days of free spending are over for a while. I admit I was enjoying being on a per diem while travelling to CA.  (Im getting deployed again on the 18th, to the same geographic locale, but a different project).  While I was able to pay down a lot of my CC debt, I also got to have a significant amount of fun money.  (bought my Wii, which is a BLAST) But I just got the estimate on painting the house (required by HOA), and its more than expected.  Last year it was a spot estimate that was VERY reasonable, but I was unable to do it more through my own procrastination than anything.  The guy just dropped the estimate on me for now, and its just over twice what was quoted last year.  Oh well, thatll teach me procrastinate.  Ill have to use the money I was saving for turf in my backyard to pay for this and tighten the belt a little for the next month or two.  Cest la vie. 

The funny part is, I KNEW this was going to happen.  All three aspects of my life have been running fantastic lately.  Work has been fulfilling and productive, my finances were great shape as well, and Ive been dating this wonderful woman who seems to care for me as much as I care for her.  Since I dont think Ive ever had all three legs of the triangle strong like that I just KNEW something bad was going to happen in some way.  I even told a friend of mineI almost expect my house to explode, because everything else is going so well J But of all the things that could go wrong, Id choose having to pay extra for paint as a VERY strong first. So Im still grinning like a fool Im just a poorer fool now.



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