Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fantastic Find!!!

Im so friggin happy at the moment.  I just spent about $400 on a gas trimmer, a brush cutting attachment for it, new work boots, and a few other various sundries and I started reclaiming my back yard.  In doing so, Im swiping back and forth, enjoying the ease with which this new tool glides through the cambodian undergrowth that is my backyard. When through my allergy assulted nose doth come a most familiar scent.  Why, thats mint.  I look closely, and a large patch of mint has started growing in the back corner. Even better is that the weeds seem to have miraculously left the mint patch un-molested.  My intentions, as an avid mojito maker, are not nearly so pure! J  Now rather than just drinking our way through my friends front yard, we can do my back yeard as well WOOT!



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