Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm quite happy

        First, as Ive mentioned before, Im trying to spend a good deal of time on the stationary bikes here in the hotel in CA.  Its paying off.  I went and played around with the LAX 101 crew on Sunday morning, and my legs are MUCH stronger than they used to be.  I was able to run for quite a while before dropping.  Probably the best conditioned on the field Sunday (only cause the former CU player didnt show J ).

        Second, I scored my first behind the back goal!!  We had a goalie in net who was doing pretty well.  I cut from the left side of the net to the right.  I saw him shift just a bit to follow my movement and I whipped the stick behind my head to completely change the angle of approach.  Bingo, blew right by the stick side as the net minder was shifting I tell you, it wasnt much compared to what the pros will do but it felt great.  Mainly because I saw it happening and everything on me (stick, ball, feet) went right where I wanted it too.  I LOVE that feeling.



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