Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Thoughts on being male

I look at myself in the mirror this morning and have to say, I enjoy being who I am. 

However, I do envy women for a few things.  One of those is jewelry. 

Men have so few choices without coming across as having no taste or being completely gaudy.  A simple ring and a watch is typically the only things the male gender will wear.  I look awful with an earring, so Im not going to wear one. I dont own a good watch, I think I may have to correct that.  Women however have so many choices, necklaces, bracelets, watches, earrings, anklets (sexy), rings on any finger (although a thumb ring is a bit odd), toe rings, and shoes can even be an accessory. 

That said Im making a fashion change here at work.  I bought a very simple and nice stainless steel band for my right hand (I like the steel look, I find it fitting for the internal warrior I find myself striving to re-connect with) and have started wearing french cuff shirts.  This allows for a less common form of jewelry expression that is truly masculine cufflinks.  I only have two french cuff shirts at the moment., and one pair of links (also a lovely stainless steel).  But Im going to have to change that over the next month or so.  Ive been making really good coin lately and eating less so I think I should splurge and pamper myself a little. 



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