Thursday, May 24, 2007

And it is officially down to this

Well, Im rolling off the project tomorrow, and Im flying home for the last time tonight. So gleeee. Some free time at home. (which is good cause I have a boatload of spring cleaning I want to do.)

I have a bunch of plans this weekend, well see what comes together. Tomorrow Im going to at least try to finish the base coat (Skin, flesh wash, and first layer of clothing colours) on my Dark Elf BB team, since they have a game on Monday. Ill post pics when they are done done.

Then Sat morning Im going to go play Lacrosse with the 101 crew (all are invited) down at Sinclair middle school, Sat at just after noon Im going to put my new found leg endurance to the test by going to fight with the fjellborg vikings over near i-25 and Evans. Then Im having a new friend come over to teach me how to make Sushi that evening followed by a movie. Whew thats a long day. Sunday I think Im going to sleep all day Sunday. Or I may do a bar-b-q. Who knows at this point.

Monday the Dark Elf team the Black Nightshades take on the Chaos team Adaptation in the 1st half of a weekend double header, with game 2 being the recently damaged Aesir vs the Waaaaaghhh. See here for current league stats and standings.

Random notes ESPN should actually have a statistician on staff before spouting idiocy. Any gamer on earth knows what 5% is. Its one in 20. Now, on the NBA draft, Sportscenter yesterday likened the Portland trailblazers winning of the draft lottery (in which they had a 5.33% chance) as unlikely as rolling snake eyes on two dice twice in a row. Or that it was like flipping a coin 10 times and having it come up heads all 10. For those that know stats Rolling back to back snake eyes is 1 in 1296 (1 in 36 chance once then multiplied by itself.). And the flipping thing is close, only its 5 flips, not 10. 10 would be 1 in 2^10 or 1 in 1024. Whereas 5 flips is 1 in 2^5 or 1 in 36 much closer (4 flips is only 1 in 16). Everything ESPN listed is a LOT harder than a critical success on a d20. Sigh.

Random notes 2, Anyone want to go bowling? Ive got that new ball and I want to try it out.

3, Im addicted to iTunes someone please stop me. I just bought 2 more albums (Rammsteins Mutter very nice, and a replacement for a Smashing Pumpkins album I lost.)

4, Im supposed to be finishing up a data dictionary, but HAD to take a break. To much documentation makes Voodoos eyes all cockeyed.



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