Friday, December 15, 2006

Television update.

I, as I have mentioned in previous posts, have gotten rid of my televisions. However, I do still own one. I keep it in the guest bedroom. That is changing.

I have been on a restricted calorie diet for about a week now in an attempt to loose weight and as part of that attempt, have also not missed a day of planned exersize yet. The bike is no longer painful and the weights are starting to cause that feeling of used but not overused feeling that I like to hit. I started this at 201.5 and weighed in this morning at 198.0 even.

So, as a reward to myself... I moved the TV into the workout room. But I'm forcing a caveat upon myself. I MUST cycle during the commercials of any program I watch (I'm going to exclude halftimes of sporting events, cause that would kill me). Since I can also use the TV as a speaker for the iPod, this is a good thing indeed.

As for a report and the reason for the diet... I'm going to San Diego in Jan and want to minimize the little gut I've managed to develop (I want to show off the tat's rather than the budda belly at the pool :) ). I know I'm in fair shape as is, but I can improve, hence the attempt. I'm using a program for my Pocket PC that I've set to a rather aggressive weight loss target. And it is working, in that I'm now able to cycle with moderate resistance for 15 minutes without wanting to barf. Doc said I should be doing that anyhow. Once I hit the meeting in San Diego, I'll loosten up the weight loss target to a more reasonable level allowing me a lot less restriction. I would like to get to 185 (or 190 with a sub 20 Body Fat %), but I'd rather try and loose a lb a week rather than the 10 lbs in 4 I'm doing now. It's a lot more reasonable.

Anyhow, I'm babbling. I should go back to work.



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