Thursday, December 14, 2006

Speaking out once again on the Death Penalty

This article is about Angel Diaz, who took 34 minutes to die by lethal injection... while his family watched. We in the US are not barbarians. Killing as punishment is abhorent and nothing more than revenge. I'm not saying that criminals are to lead cushy lives and should be pampered... but to kill in cold blood in response to a killing does nothing more than lower us as a society and a people.

This man is also Puerto Riccan, a nation which outlawed capitol punishment in 1929. I will admit that it is not our duty to enforce their laws. But it does humor me that Puerto Rico is significantly more enlightened than we are as a nation. Along with the majority of the civilized world. Granted, I think the hard line Islamic nations would find our behaviour just about perfect. :( We MUST grow beyond this.



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