Monday, December 18, 2006

Mammoth downed 16-9 in pre-season play

Looks like AZ has found themselves a goaltender in Mike Attwood. He's a 3rd year player and a 1st year starter this year with the Sting. He put in a stellar performance allowing only 1 goal in 23 minutes! That's fantastic.

Dan Carey bagged 3 goals for the Mammoth, so he continues to grow into his role as an integral part of the Colorado offence. Way to go kid. See you in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!

On another note, "NBC news specials" released a free episode on iTunes on the genocide in Darfur. It's free and does a good job of talking about and showing the human face on this ongoing tragedy, I'd recommend watching it. Humans are so keen on saying "never again", but not so good at living it. I DO absolutely include myself in this, it's human nature. I urge people to write their congresmen to put pressure on Sudan to knock this shit off.



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