Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Funny thought from Scientific American

Yes, Siblings can cause brain tumors!!! OK, maybe not cause, but there is a statistical link, which is just freaky wierd.

On another note... as some of you long time readers of my blog know. I take afternoon naps. I have a lovely folding recliner that I set up in a dark office and sleep for my lunch hour. I find that it gives me more energy and focus in the later half of the day.

However, yesterday, I go back into my nap office and find... NO CHAIR! That's right, they cleared out the furniture from the offices (technically, we don't lease those offices) and the movers TOOK MY FOLDING CHAIR!! I was pissed for a few minutes (mainly because I wanted my nap), but after a while I realized it was my own fault for leaving it in an area where it wasn't in "our" offices. I should have been folding it up every day and storing it in my cube.

So on my way to a lovely holiday dinner with friends last night, I stopped and upped the nap ante. I bought a cot. it folds quite compactly, so I WILL store it in my cube from now on. I could use the good rest as I pulled a muscle in my neck Sat morning and it's been hurting for 4 days (I HATE those things... take forever to heal.)

Anyhow, gotta blaze. Tiger Balm and Ibu to the rescue :)



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