Monday, June 05, 2006

Wow... now that was a weekend

Started with another "Lacrosse Orgy Saturday" (patent pending). Played a little Defense, worked on my shot... there were only 5 of us.

Got sunburnt... I'm stupid... what can I say. At least I have an aloe plant. Then went to the Outlaws game. Here's what I should have noticed though... I was drinking a ton of water. But not needing to use the restroom. My body was quietly falling behind and not telling me. That is until BOOM, got sick as a dog. If I ate, I got sick. If I drank, it felt like 10 tons and I wanted to throw up. My head would spin and if I stood up to fast I fell over. (not good the way I enjoy my lacrosse games)

After the game, I had to skip the afterparty and get some Gatorade. I ended up drinking a gallon and a half... and only THEN did I need to use the restroom. What can I say... I need to learn to listen to my body.

The game was fantastic. A 24-14 win again, with a strong comeback. It wasn't the same without my friend who moved. I took several pictures after the game of players holding the sign sayins "We Miss you" and sent them to her after the game. I wish I could have heard the sqeal. I miss her. C'est la vie. The funny part was on the back of the sign it said, "It's all your Fault"... lucky for her we won. :)

Had to work Sunday. Suck.


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