Sunday, June 04, 2006

Massive drawbacks to living alone

Well, I've discovered yet another item in the litanty of "things that suck about living alone." When your car breaks... you are boned.
If you have a domestic partner, be it a roomate, a significant other, family of some kind, or illegal aliens that you are harbouring, the loss of a vehicle is an inconvenience. Rides can be arranged and carpools set up so that while your car is out... life goes on.

Yesterday, I was going to an impromptu lacrosse practice when my little car made a bad whine, a pop (complete with puff of smoke) and then went bannanas. Lost power stearing, lost coolant, lost AC, and the car went from average to over 260 degrees in 2 minutes.

There is an obvious belt break (serpentine someone said... I'm awful with cars) , and it took a radiator hose out with it. So, my little car is out of commision. I had it towed to the shop, where they will be looking at it tomorrow. I also had to rent a car. While I had several generous offers from friends for rides, logistically, this is not viable. So when you live alone, you are pretty much on your own when things go wrong.

Granted, there are advantages... the mess that I have to clean up... I know damn well who made it. And if I want to wander around indecent, the cats sure don't care. Everything remains EXACTLY where I left it... and if I forget where that was, it's at least my fault. Sometimes I do get a little lonely, but who doesn't really. It's a little stronger now since I was spending so much time with some friends before they left town over the last part of May. But that's life.

So, I'm now at work... trying to eek out some shred of sanity before I do something stupid. This job is starting to feel "not worth it".


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