Thursday, June 01, 2006

Taking 10 minutes to write.

I feel pleasent today. Almost human (not that I every ACTUALLY feel like a human... I am a meat popsicle)

I'm taking a vow, I'm going to try to avoid turning on the television for 1 week. The only thing I will watch is the replay of the Outlaws game on Sunday... just for fun. And if I miss it... oh well. I've started finding myself desiring a more creative outlet for my time. Last week I spent some time spell crafting and felt vibrant again. As if I were tapping into a part of me that I had allowed to go dormant.

It's at times like this that I'm drawn toward music. I'm listening to EVERYTHING at the moment. Moulin Rouge, the Nylons, NIN, Buju, Marley, Oakenfold, the Police, Pink Floyd, Moby, Metallica, and Public Enemy have been on the playlist... within the last 48 HOURS!! I'm borderline manic feeling this energy building, I need to channel it to something positive or I'm going to explode. I'm wearing a tie today as a focci to enhance my work abbilities. I let loose with a primal scream yesterday on my way out the door that just felt GREAT. I'm going to play some lacrosse over the weekend... to feed the warrior in me, music feeds the poet, and the sage is CRAVING my reading time. I've already completed 2 of the 4 books I was "getting around too" and just can't stop.

Damn, you know what... life is good.


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