Thursday, May 25, 2006

And now, for something completely different

The Official Colorado Mammoth Fan Club is going to happen. Had a great meeting with 3 of the KSE (Kronke Sports and Entertainment) people last night to discuss founding an official organization.

They were AWESOME people. Listened to our ideas and didn't think anything was not feasible at all. There will be a VERY public announcement after we get the sight and details all worked out. But there is a private framework up and we're taking all sorts of ideas for what it could mean to be part of the club.

I am also starting the groundwork for a Mammoth Lacrosse podcast. I've gotten castblaster (need to pay for it so I can go longer than 10 minutes).

I'm incredibly excited about getting this going. I think JR and I are going to have to set aside some time on a weekly basis to contintinue to add more flesh to the skeleton of the site. At least for the first few months. (I'll post the link to the site in a more public fashion when we're more comfy with the layout and design)


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