Monday, January 23, 2006

Dead Donkeys, edged Mammoth, Norse mythology and Poker

Well, the Broncos got their proverbial asses handed to them... Not lacrosse. Don't care.
The Mammoth lost on Sat night to the expansion Portland Luberjax. This doesn't bother me as much as it could. And my reasons are as such.
  1. It was a VERY exciting game (12-11 game that wasn't decided until the last minute :30) . I was doing my on the floor, knees tucked up into my chest, rocking back and forth going 'oh god, oh god, oh god'. I haven't done that since the Avs were in the Stanley cup finals.
  2. Portland pulled 9,900. Nice job guys. It was the 'Jax first home game EVER. For them to win the way they did in their first home game leaves a great impression on 9,900 lacrosse fans. And that will grow the game. I can take one on the chin for the greater good.
  3. The Mammoth are 2-3. Not great. But I'd rather take a close loss like this that was hard fought early in the season and be able to take some lessons from it (like put the game away when you get the chance) than late in the season when it's too late to correct the issues.
  4. The Defense still looks fantastic... But the offense really needs to get it in gear. I think it's the addition of the expansion teams, but this seems to be league wide. Scoring seems down. Which is fine, it's still not the 1-0 hockey games of old. But it does make each goal even more magnified.

I'm went to a Runic Workshop last week with two of my friends that was just fantastic. Some REALLY fantastic insight on the histories and the meanings of several Norse runes, both from a modern and historical context. The teacher apparently knows a few Scandinavian languages and pulls a lot of his material from original texts. The next one is in February. I'm really looking forward to it.

On my poker playing... I feel a little sheepish, but I was a bit gunshy this weekend. I had a few hours on Sunday night to kill and thought about playing poker. My heart just wasn't in it. So I played WoW for a few hours and went to bed. I just didn't feel like interacting with humans in any way. Didn't even chat with anyone in WoW. Just grinding up a new character. My Donkey challenge remains unchanged (which puts me ahead of Colombo who is at -17%)

I'm looking forward to the Bad Beats poker tournament this weekend. (more info on ) I'll post how I do. I'm hoping to get an Avanade tournament in this week as well to get a good warm up.

L8R - Voodoo


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