Thursday, January 12, 2006

Workin' 5 to 9 (what a way to make a living)

Soooo tired. We're in yet another push with this conversion at work that has me working silly hours. That and I didn't sleep well last night do not add up to me being a happy boy.

I did get a chance to play in a poker tournament last night. The Avanade tourney ended up voiding 'cause only 7 people showed up. So I played a little .50/1 limit and got my ass handed to me. In the donkey challenge (see I'm WAY behind. The goal is to triple up your stake. I have started with $50 and am now down to $12 after 3 pretty dismal sessions. So my report would look like -$38 (-76% EV).

Here's what I'm thinking has been happening. I've been reading Harrington and listening to Phil Gordon. Everything has been related to tournament play and it's messing up my cash game play. To test the theory, I played in a quick $1.50 buy in 18 seat tournament. It felt perfect. I was scooping pots, switching gears appropriately, making moves and laydowns when it was appropriate and I ended up with a monster chip lead in a heads up situation. 17K to 5K in chips. I ended up losing two races from opposite sides. I had AQ beaten by 44 and my 88 got cracked by A7... and then I was behind. I tried to catch up when I caught A9, but he had 66 and made a boat... game over. I ended up winning $8.50 and now my Donkey challenge is at -$30 (-60%EV).

From here, I don't know where to proceed. I'm used to grinding a profit in the limit cash games in vegas... but I'm just not winning on-line. (plus I'm playing .50/1 rather than 2/4) I think I'm rushing it. I need to calm down and take more time at the ring games and be patient. I'll keep posting my DC stats.


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