Friday, January 06, 2006

Western Wear

Allright, here's the question I find myself asking. "Why do I like these boots so much?"

Now, let me elaborate. I have never been a fan of country music or of western sports (rodeo is a bit of a joke to me... I respect the guys who can do it... but it just has never appealed to me). However, I was given a really nice western hat while on my holiday vacation. I got it to support the Denver Outlaws lacrosse team that is starting this summer.
The hat looks great, but I needed a pair of boots to go with it. If we're going to go in outlaw garb, I figure we go all out. Frankly, the face paint could be REAL sweaty at the outdoor game. Anyhow, I bought a nice pair of boots while I was in Vegas with the intention of wearing them only with the hat and to lacrosse games... but I've fallen in love with them. I've been wearing them a lot saying "I'm just breaking them in"... but that's not true anymore. They are just comfy and I am finding myself very fond of the look. That scares me.

On a plus note, wearing the hat, boots, and mirrored shades has a badass look about it. Especially at the poker table. The "Cowboy" persona is one that I could definately play at the table, possibly to an advantage. Most people read a "cowboy" as having a lot more gamble in them than I really have. I like to play a rather tight aggressive game than the slightly wild game the cowboy represents. I think I'll give this a try at my tourney tomorrow and see what transpires.


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