Sunday, January 15, 2006

What a rush

This weekend started on a good note and then moved up from there.
First, the Mammoth had a fantastic defensive effort on Firday night to take a 9-7 win. We (the Tar Pit) also got interviewed after the game by Fox 31. So if you're in the Denver area, check out channel 31 News at 9pm on Jan 28th for a feature about the Mammoth and their insane (yours truly) fans.

Then the Broncos won last night... I do so enjoy playoff football. I had to be home and code this load anyhow, so it really worked out that I could be a productive couch potato. And with the Pittsburg Steelers winning this afternoon, Denver hosts another playoff game next week. I bet there are going to be some great parties next Sunday.

Speaking of betting, I just took a 2 hour break from my work and played a little .50/$1 (10 handed) poker. I'm determined to beat this game. I WAY tightend my game. Playing pretty much "by the book" from Small Stakes Hold'em (by Ed Miller) for tight games. I lost several pots early and found my Donkey Challenge money down to $6... which was all in the pot. Conveniently I had put it in there due to me having a set of Kings and doubled up to $12. Then my patience paid off. I was dealt 88, and the flop came 777. I figured, odds were good that I was ahead here. (figuring if someone had a 7 they deserved to kick my ass anyhow.). The turn came an 8, giving me a higher boat than someone holding a pocket pair. Now the only card I'm even remotely worrying about is the 4th 7. When the River comes up that last 8 I'm practically doing a little jig. I have the dyed in the wool nuts and they keep betting into me to raise them. I knocked down a VERY nice pot.
The NEXT hand, I'm dealt KK. Long story short. I boat up on the turn and the flush possibilities on the river pay off handsomely.
After 2 hours of play, I'm back up to $47.25 of my starting $50. Or an EV of -$2.75 (-5.5%). I felt good and I think I'm back on my limit play patience.
The only downer is that the Mammoth lost last night to go to 2-2 on the season.


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