Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mid week status

Hi everybody,

        Well, Im here in CA and the project team is really cool.  Im going to enjoy working with these people over the next 6+ weeks.  A couple of points, I finally got access to the TFS (Team Foundation Services look it up on MS) Overall I think things are going well.  I had to pull SQL server completely off my machine and re-install it as I had a crazy blend of 2000 and 2005 on my machine from my last project. 

        Ive got my year end review coming up.  Ive put out some requests to former clients that I fostered a good relationship with for some letters of recommendation.  I REALLY want a promotion this year.  Once I hit the next level, Ill probably be there for a long time, as the next level up doesnt have many vacancies that come up often.  But frankly, if I do get the promotion I can see myself being happy there for quite some time. 

        The guy was supposed to come by and paint my house yesterday.  Ill get home tomorrow night to see what it looks like.  He did a fine job on all of my neighbors, so Im not even remotely worried. I found out that he doesnt take credit cards, so Im going to have to shuffle around some funds to make it work, but thats life.  I have to paint, as the HOA is very angry at me. At least I found a really good cheap noodle bowl at the asian market I shop at.

        The part I dont like about being on the road is that I miss my fuzzballs.  I still find myself waiting for Patches to jump on the hotel bed begging for petties.  I so look forward to seeing her on Thursday night.

        Anyhow, my install is finished.  Gotta Blaze.



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