Friday, February 01, 2008

Many topics, been too long

   First, I jumped the gun on my podcast.  Gimmie a few weeks now :)
   Second, I've made my desicion on who I'm voting for on Super Tuesday... I'm going to have to vote for Obama.  Here are my reasons.  With Edwards dropping out (who had my initial support and donations), I was left with the choice between Hillary and Barack.  There really aren't any other viable democratic candidates, and the republicans are (as is typical for the last 20 years... more later) a bunch of total whack jobs.  All are pro-war, flag waving before thought types who I just can't support.  This country needs to change and more of the same won't accomplish that. 
    Actually, that leads me to WHY I'm supporting Barack Obama.  For over 2 decades now, the name following "President of the United States" has been either Bush or Clinton.  I'm sick of that.  We are NOT an ouligarchy (well, we ARE... we're just not SUPPOSED to be).  That's frankly what the topping point is for me.  I'm in agreement with Mrs. Clinton on many points, and I'm in agreement with Obama on others.  That split is almost 50-50... so the tie goes to the new guy.  At least that's the way it works in my addled mind. Now, there is some talk of a dream ticket of some flavor of Clinton - Obama. That would REALLY work frankly. They complement each other and would do very well. I think the same thing if either candidate gets John Edwards as their VP candidate. It's all a win-win situation.
   Third, work here in Seattle is fantastic.  The work is right in my wheelhouse and I'm really able to deliver some of my top notch work.  My hours are sane (which is very new for me), in that I get into the office between 9 and 10am and get to go home between 5:30 and 6:30.  Not a bad little arrangement.  I now have my RAS access, so I will be flying home on Thursday nights a little more than I have in the past.  So that's another bonus.
    Next topic, the Colorado Mammoth are 4-0!  They are at the quarter pole of the season and still haven't been beaten.  The season is shaping up to be a fun one as the WAY they are winning is with an amazing defense.  The boys on the back line deserve just as much credit as Gee Nash because the shots on goal numbers against us are way down.  And the loose ball numbers are up.  That's a championship winning formula if I've ever seen one.  Add that up to 2 winless teams in our 4 team division and it's looking like getting tops in the West this year will not be much of a challenge.
   Next.  My first main character in WoW (Erubuul on Quel'Dorei) just hit lvl 63.  I'm absolutely stunned by the expansion pack content.  When I stepped through the Dark Portal, I litterally spent 15 minutes or so just looking at the scenery.  There's a massive battle raging on and you really feel like a part of the story line over there.  Look me up if you play.  We'll party.  My other main character (Belari, lvl 46 Warlock) is also a blast to play, mainly because my GF (Caynaa, same servers) and I are leveling these chars up together and it's nice (as in real life) to have a partner in crime.  Again, look us up, we'll party.
   So, that's all for now.  I'm learning Icelandic... it's not the easiest thing to learn.  But it's fun.


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