Monday, January 29, 2007

To Marriage : The reason we build bars!

The title of this is a quote from one of the 2 television shows I watch regularly, Battlestar Galactica. (The other is Heroes, which I love enough to steal the concept outright for a role-playing game). I've lost intrest in House, Lost, and CSI. the above 2 are the winners in my mind :)

I want to put some of my thoughts on the current state of BSG down. So if you haven't seen the latest episode "Taking a break from all your troubles", STOP READING!!! The beauty of this show is how character driven the story is. So I'm going to address the players on the stage rather than the overall plot.

In no particular order.

Baltar : I've always liked him, even though he's the "villain". My quote about him is that he's so messed up that his issues have issues. However, he was tortured and interrogated pretty roughly and using many many methods in the latest episode. He withstood pretty much all of them. His brilliance and cunning were shown in all their glory in the last episode. I LOVE this character.

Laura Rosalin : I've been waffling for quite some time about this "new" character to the BSG mythos. I do like having a civilian president that is able to question the military leadership (even if there IS a relationship with Adama that has not been explored yet, I'd like to know more.) I've come to the conclusion that I don't like her at all. After the last episode (especially the bonus scene on-line), I think she is both in over her head and not that bright. She has spent al of her political capital, and the decision to have a public trial of Baltar could show just how deep she's in it. The above is my personal thoughts on the character... I think the acress portrays her very well.

Tom Zarek : I ADORE the Tom Zarek character. First, he's played by the original series' Appolo. Second, he is just facsinating. He is a former terrorist become successful politician. I'm looking forward to hear how he's going to react to Baltars upcoming trial.

Admiral Adama : Adama has been a very good commander lately. Keeping the appropriate distance from his subordinates and running a tight ship. That said, I am liking him less. But I'm more of a soldier than a leader in mindset, so that's not surprising. Almos is an amazing actor, so the character is incredibly vibrant even with minimal screen time. I loved his decking of Gaeda in yesterdays episode.

Tigh : The opposite can be said about Tigh. I'm LIKING him more and more. It's kinda nebulous whether or not he is still drinking or not... but it's not affecting his job anymore. The loss of his eye and wife has made him even harder and MORE cynical if that's possible.

*more character commentaries later, outta time.


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