Friday, January 26, 2007

Good Mammoth win last night

So, we're now 5-1 with a good hold on the division. Only AZ is hanging with us at 3-1. Everything is looking pretty good, the young players are getting good time on the floor and are being productive. Gee is playing his stellar solid game in net since a weak game in goal on opening night.

Another lesson I've learned. DO NOT GIVE BLOOD 48 hours before a Mammoth game. I was dizzier than a sailor on shore leave every time I stood up while screaming. That was fun. :)

Also, if you have 15 minutes, check out the first 15 minutes the Penn Radio podcast (avail on iTunes or online at for Jan 24th. Well worth the time. Talking about our freedoms all wrapped around a clip from the Andy Griffith show.



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