Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good news for Denver

The Democratic National Convention will be held out west. The Pepsi Center will be hosting the delegation and this is a very nice financial boon for the mile high city. And that's true whether or not you like the Democratic party and ideals.

As anyone has read here knows, I lean democrat on most issues. ('cept gun control, of which I'm staunchy opposed, and a few others) So this is doubly pleasing for me, especially since I will probably be voulenteering for the Dems in the 2008 elections. So that could be a lot of fun.

That said, It could FUCK traffic in Denver during the convention... so I think I'll definately be bussing during the convention. Small price to pay for an expected 160 Million comming into the state. Kronke should be happy about this too.



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