Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A few random thoughts that I need to get off my chest.

First, Tax Cuts and the Economy. The government has revised it's estimates on economic growth. Not by a tiny margine either. They estimated 3.6% and it's now at 3.1%, this is an almost 20% cut of the estimate. They continue the cutting down to 2.7% for 2007. Apparently, the housing market is slowing way down (not surprising, when the upper crust of economic society gets the bulk of tax breaks, they just save it, they don't put it back in to the economy). *Source : NPR daily news podcast

Second, Iran. The CIA has reported that Iran IS capable of creating a nuclear weapon. However, they are saying that if everything goes PERFECT (not likely) it will be AT LEAST 2009 before they do so. Yet, the white house is once again reporting that Iran is an "immediate" threat (and may ALREADY have a nuke - BOO) and the grumblings are starting. I don't buy it. We already have units that have served 5 combat tours in Iraq and our military (by their own leaderships admission) is begining to be stretched. Sun Tzu advocated highly AGASINT getting involved in a two front war. If we go to war in Iran it will be 3 fronts at the minimum. We CANNOT let military force be used as diplomacy again.

Last. Krispy Kreme donuts are way to tasty for their (and my) own good. *sigh*


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