Friday, November 17, 2006

A few thougts on one of my favorite topics

That's right, Human Sexuality. I watched a film by HBO last night that I pulled from Netflix called "The Notorious Bettie Page". I was very impressed by the movie.
First, the film making aspects were very interesting. It was mostly in black and white, but several scenes were done in color to emphasise certain moods or times.
Next, Gretchen Mol pulled off Bettie Page fantastically (I've always been a HUGE fan of Bettie Page). She caputred her form and look perfectly. Page always had that interesting blend of dark and light, with her jet black hair and dark eyes, but those dark eyes sparkled with their own light. I can imagine that's hard to do and Mol pulled it off.

The content of the film was an interesting study of our american history as far as what we considered "obscene" then. When you compare it to today is was a radically different (and frankly, less free in my opinion) society that frankly Betty didn't quite fit in.

For those that are unaware, Bettie Page was a bondage model as well as the classic pinups that everyone has seen. Bondage has gone from completely taboo in the 40's and 50's, both illegal and prosecuted, to something that is now understood to be a quite common fantasy amongst the human race. I have had many discussions with many people (mainly becuase I'm so open about my own thoughts, people seem willing to open up in return) about bondage fantasies and at least half the people I speak with about sex enjoy some form of bondage. ( I admit freely to being among them).

In the film, the prosecution of these bondage photos are becuase they thought they lead to many other negative bahaviours. After much study in this area, we have found this to simply not be true. JUST an interest in bondage does not lead to theft, rape, or murder in any case. Yes, some of these crimes involve a bondage component, sometimes... but enjoying bondage does NOT mean that you are going to go out and rape or kill people. There is no causality like the courts in the 40s and 50s were portrayed as thinking in the film.

Bondage as a human intrest has become quite mainstream in fact. Go into any reputable adult store (I recommend Fascinations personally, very good people) and you will find well lit, clean, and friendly stores where bondage gear takes up a good portion of the store. If it weren't selling, it certainly wouldn't be out. That's just the free market at work.

I am pleased to know that as a society, we continue to evolve. I hope we continue on this path where we realize that human sexuality is so diverse and so broad in what turns people on. A path where eventually the word deviant means very little, becuase it's will be accepted that "normal" sex is almost impossible to define. And without a baseline, how can you deviate. I'm not saying that everyone will be uber kinky... but that the realization that being uber kinky isn't a "bad" thing, even if it's not for you.

If we can accept bondage as a society as acceptable sexual expression, maybe there is hope that one day homosexuality will be equally accepted.


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