Friday, September 01, 2006

Poker Report

I have been playing a little more regularly lately in the DPT. I've been playing Tuesday and Thursdays at Dave and Busters.

I have to say, the play is inconsistant and there are a lot of truly wild players.

That being said. I have been VERY pleased with my improvement. The first game I busted out way early, the next I managed to make it into the middle round before my top pair got smoked by an overpair. (I know... DON'T GO BROKE ON ONE PAIR!). But last night I played much better. I managed to make the final table and busted out in 6th place. The good part was WHY I busted out. I was intentionally trying to gain chips by busting out short stacked players. I ended up loosing ALL three of those attempts. Had I won even a single one (and I wasn't far behind on any of them) I'd have had a great stack to make a run at taking down the monster stack at the final table.

Strategically, it was a decision to go for the win and not the "cash." I'll never fault anyone for that strategy.

Oh and a side note. Due to some constructive feedback, I will be responding to comments on my blog in other comments and not future entries. This will allow for an easier read.


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