Monday, May 08, 2006

Soooo very tired

I lied.... The project isn't even begining to near the end.
It seems like we are going to be in this "testing vortex" till the end of time. Of course, the force 3 head cold isn't helping. It makes me wonder... how does the human head produce all this??? It's like I've drained enough to fill my skull twice over.

Luckily it has slowed down a bit and I'm able to brush off the old poker game. Nothing interesting to report... 'cept my bankroll is $103 from my starting $50. Not terrible.

The Mammoth are in the championship game this weekend. Last weekend we knocked off the Sting for the West Div championship. It was FANTASTIC. A one goal game that had Gee stop 7 shots in a 1:30 PK. I have NEVER seen a goaltender look THAT good. Look out Buffalo.

Speaking of which, I want to get out there so bad. KBPI is announcing the contest tomorrow. It's the last chance I have to get there and see this game. Otherwise, I'm going to ask the crew to paint up and head to Broklyns for the in Denver party. (They are closing the bar to the public... Mammoth fans only. Woo Hoo)

Finally, got to play in a good friends Mage game last night. They are a good group with some very cool ideas on how to keep a game flowing... now if they could only START on time I wouldn't be dragging so much. Pleasent... but tired.


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