Monday, April 17, 2006

Project now only Warm... not burning up.

So I have a few minutes to Blog again... hello world!!
The Mammoth completed a weekend sweep over Calgary this weekend. That means a HOME PLAYOFF game on Saturday. (7:00pm... BE THERE!!!)
Not only did they complete a sweep, but they won on Sat night, IN Calgary by a score of 17-7... so apparently, the 11-8 win on Friday night was simply building the woodshed that we took the Roughnecks out behind on Saturday. They have to feel a little demoralized after the back to back thumpings. (Friday wasn't as close as 3 goals... they couldn't figure out Gee.)
Heading into the playoffs, the Mammoth lead the league in scoring, and are 2nd in defense. Fear the Mammoth NLL, we're a force to be reckoned with.

The NLL also announced that ESPN2 is carrying the NLL championship game. So, if everything works out right, my brand of insanity will be NATIONALLY televised LIVE!!!. The sport is growing. (even if the Duke Lax team is embroiled in controversy right now)



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