Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I live

I'm officially recovering from 3 days of flu over the weekend. The strain that is going around now is truly brutal and I really wouldn't recommend it.

Anyhow, I'm on track with my pyramid weight training now (I missed 2 days last week when I was laid up in bed... but I think I can be forgiven). I still haven't added the abdominal component, but I'm planning on adding that next week. I weigh in on Saturdays and was at 195 with 22% body fat. (I'm 6' ~ 6'1"ish... so that's not terrible) I'd like the BF% to drop and maintain the weight. If I can get to 195 with a 18% body fat, I think I'll be pretty cut.

I've done NOTHING social for almost 5 days. Today is looking like a death work day. I'm planning on blazing at 6:30~7:00ish and working from home after that. On a funny note, they have decided to run the Avande poker tournament every other week... I was So enjoying taking their money on a WEEKLY basis (sigh).

I would like to recommend the Pacific Coast Hellway (very adult though, not for kids!!) podcast. My morning is no longer complete without hearing the signature "Holy Shit, and hot damn" from the Hellway. That and I'm also hooked on Jimmy Jett's podcast about nothing.

Anyhow, got to get back to work... My 5 minute noodles are done and it's time to get back to it. No rest for the wicked.


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