Wednesday, February 01, 2006

State of the union

Well, I was at a late session with co-workers last night (meeting at a bowling alley... more fun than just talking.), so I was a little disappointed that I missed the State of the Union address. After all, that's some of the best comedy on television. Watching Bush deliver a speech is like watching a monkey try to do a math problem using chopsticks and jello... it's gonna get messy.

The comments that I've heard discussed even crack me up. Like "half the world doesn't live in democracy... Nations like Iran, Zimbabwe and Bolivia" Ummmm, last I checked, the population of those nations is a booger on the windshield. Funny that our happy Wal-Mart supplying trade partner China wasn't mentioned... I think they have a fairly significant "non-democratic" population, don't they? We aren't stupid.


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