Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few political items to cover

First, I want to congratulate Senator Ted "Tubes" Stevens for getting embroiled in yet another congressional corruption investigation. The FBI raided his home yesterday and I'm sure we'll be hearing more on this in the coming days and weeks.  Ted is the Senator who famously said "the internet is not a dump truck (audio linked above) and sponsored the famed Alaska bridge to nowhere.
I am truly begining to believe that our political system is so corrupt that it needs to be completely re-booted.  There are no clean politicians on either side of the aisle and we certainly can't trust who we have in office now to police themselves.  I'm honestly not certain what we can do as a people without bloodshed though.  I don't want to advocate violence... but the level of our elected officials corruption is obscene. I just don't know what I can DO.  Voting sure doesn't help.  But it's my JOB as a citizen, so I will continue to.  Letter writting sure doesn't matter, unless you write your opinion on a check with more than 3 zeroes on it. I'm very disenchanted right now.
On another note, Fox News talking head Bill O'reilly has been on a crusade over the last few days against the web blog DailyKos.  Which becuase of, I've started reading.  It's very left leaning, but amusing.  The funny part is that it seems there are many like me that are starting to read BECUASE of Bill Orally's threat to "Destroy" them.  Funny how when someone tries to silence contrary opinion (and that's all this is, opinion) it seems to make it stronger.  I love that part of human nature and society. 


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