Thursday, March 15, 2007

300 vs 7 Million

A friend of mine sent me the following e-mail...

People are waay too easily offended.,8599,1598886,00.html?cnn=yes

the spartans weren't wearing that much either... funny that wasn't mentioned. besides, this is a movie, about a comic book about a 5 year old's interpretation of another movie based on a historical event. But I guess not a whole lot of people know that. [Frank Miller was 5 (I think) when he saw the movie 300 spartans and was inspired by that].

also, with an open mind, you could take it the other way around... the persian empire could represent the how the US right now is spread globally (from a military battlefront point of view) and how there are small pockets in the world that are trying to stand up to that (e.g., Iran and North Korea). "

How right my friend is. We humans are funny creatures in that we are always assuming that an author is talking TO and ABOUT us. This just isn't the case here. We in the office here in California (BTW, I'm out here 5 days a week again... YAY:( ) saw this article yesterday and got a great chuckle about it. Sometimes a good story is just a good story. This one isn't even that historically accurate, but DAMN is it ever a FINE movie.



Blogger Danielle Alberti said...

hmmm... interesting article. I'm gonna have to see that movie. Especially since I didn't know Gerard Butler is in it. After V, I love the man. Happy Ides of March, by the way. Have you celebrated yet?

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