Monday, July 20, 2009

Exclusivity rights

Now this is interesting.  Verizon is taking the stance that they do NOT want the iPhone to be taken out of exclusivity from AT&T.  That's a very long view reasoning and frankly, I think I like it.  From a tactical standpoint, having the iPhone at this moment would be profitable... and from a consumer point of view I'd rather have a carrier choice.  But from a strategic point of view, taking the iPhone by force would be admitting that you have nothing in development that can knock it off.  By taking the "no, let AT&T keep it" stance that they have, Verizon has me wondering what they have in the pipeline.  Is it Sun Tzu, appear strong when you are weak, a shrewd strategy decision, or both... only time will tell.
I think the reason I like this comment by Verizon is that they are getting beat in the hardware market (everyone is playing iPhone catch-up), but rather than complain to the referee's, they are just buckling down and attempting to beat their opponent straight up... kudos for that.


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